Welcome to AXO!



Together let us seek the heights

It is with great pride that I introduce you to Alpha Chi Omega, Pi Chapter here at the University of California, Berkeley!


Why Alpha Chi? I love to answer this question by sharing my favorite Alpha Chi story! Last Fall, many Berkeley homes lost power to prevent wildfires, and we were one of those homes. The second we lost power, we jumped into action: unprompted, sisters placed hundreds of battery-powered tea lights around the house, shared flashlights and portable chargers, and signed-up for shifts throughout the day and night to watch our electric door. We studied together in the light of our flashlights and shared ghost stories in the darkness. We came together, just as we always do. So why Alpha Chi? Because Alpha Chi is a community of resilient women who will watch the door at 3:30 in the morning to ensure sisters sleep soundly and arrive home safely. I am incredibly fortunate to have found such a caring community.


At Alpha Chi Omega, our mission is to empower each other to grow in our leadership, academics, service, and character. Our diverse sisterhood is the core of our chapter, enabling us to share in the bond that connects the hundreds of thousands of Alpha Chi Omega women across the nation. Alpha Chi Omega strives to remain inclusive of women of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, and identities—regardless of sex assigned at birth.


As an organization built by and for real, strong women, we are committed to empowering women both inside and outside of our sisterhood. I invite you to visit our philanthropy page to learn how Alpha Chi Omega supports survivors and raises awareness of domestic violence. Last year, our chapter raised nearly $11,000 for Ruby’s Place, a local shelter for survivors in the East Bay. We help with legal fees, medical bills, and childcare, assist survivors and their families into permanent housing, and ultimately make a tangible difference in hundreds of lives. Women supporting women is the heart of our philanthropy; because when we empower other women, we ourselves are empowered.


Alpha Chi Omega is a community of women leaders dedicated to creating change, we have been since 1885, and I can assure you we are not backing down any time soon. Whether you have been an Alpha Chi for decades or are considering becoming an Alpha Chi, I hope you share my pride in this refreshing and trailblazing sisterhood! At Alpha Chi Omega, we never leave each other in the dark, and we definitely do not need a power grid to be empowered!

Go Bears, Go greek, Go axo !
Maddy Weiss