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Educating Our Campus Community


The women of Alpha Chi Omega are committed to educating the campus and Berkeley community about our cause. While all our fundraising events do raise awareness, we also hold two weeks primarily for educational outreach. Given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, fundraisers have become virtual with social media campaigns and events on zoom to continue to raise money and awareness for this important issue. In normal times, these weeks, one during fall semester and one during spring, provide resources to students and community members on Sproul Plaza. In addition to events sponsored by our house, the women of Alpha Chi are involved in a variety of student groups that relate to our cause, such as the Gender and Equity Resource Center, the Cal Consent Campaign, and Greeks Against Sexual Assault. We are so proud of our members who take extra steps to promote the wonderful idea of women helping women.

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Have a Heart Week


Each October during Domestic Violence Awareness month, our women spend a week tabling on Sproul Plaza for our cause. We provide factual information on domestic violence and resources for survivors to help educate our campus community. We also sell purple ribbons, the symbol of the Domestic Violence Awareness campaign, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Proceeds go towards our local crisis center, A Safe Place. This project is unique to Pi Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega and the Berkeley campus. It is a simple yet effective way to spread the word and educate our peers with some sweets on the side.

Healthy Relationships Week


Each February, surrounding Valentine's Day, we promote Healthy Relationship Week. This week is practiced by Alpha Chi's around the country and is a great way to unite college communities against domestic violence. The goal of this week is to foster the development of healthy, rather than harmful, relationships, and by doing so prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. This week is accompanied by our "Love Is..." campaign, which seeks to remind our campus community what a healthy relationship should look like, whether that relationship is with a family member, a friend, or a significant other. At Berkeley, Pi Chapter celebrates this week by providing domestic violence and survivor resources on Sproul Plaza.

Make a Donation


If you would be interested in making a monetary donation to the Domestic Violence Awareness campaign, consider supporting our local shelter supporting survivors, Ruby's Place. Proceeds from Pi chapter's philanthropy events are donated here. Monetary donations both big and small are greatly appreciated. If you would be interested, please visit 

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