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Dear potential new members,


Welcome to Alpha Chi Omega at UC Berkeley! I’m Sarah, Pi Chapter’s Vice President of Recruitment, and I am so excited to welcome you into our home and share with you all the wonderful things that our organization has to offer.


Joining Alpha Chi was one of the best decisions I have made during my time at Berkeley. Being a part of this sisterhood has given me the opportunity to support and be supported by so many incredible women, as well as providing me with leadership experience, academic guidance, and career connections that I will treasure long after leaving college. The women of Alpha Chi are involved in a full range of activities on campus and around the world, and this diverse range of personalities and interests means that regardless of the situation, there is always a sister who can lend a hand, answer questions, or share her knowledge about the opportunities and decisions that come up throughout any college career. I personally am so proud of the unique goals and contributions of everyone in this chapter, and am honored to stand alongside such driven, knowledgeable, and confident women as a member of Alpha Chi Omega.


Beyond all this, Alpha Chi has given me a place and a community to call home in the enormous, chaotic, wonderful place that is UC Berkeley. In this chapter, I have found friends and role models who uplift me, inspire me, and make me laugh each and every day. I joined Alpha Chi Omega for many reasons, but I stay because of the unconditional love, support, and compassion that all 130 of my sisters have shown me from the day I arrived.


Recruitment is one of Alpha Chi’s favorite times of year because it brings us the opportunity to connect with so many amazing women from the whole UC Berkeley community, and furthermore to grow our sisterhood. Although the process can seem daunting, it is truly just an opportunity to find the women who you best connect with, and who will become your home both within the Greek community and within Berkeley throughout your college career. If you have any interest at all in going Greek, I personally encourage you to go through recruitment process: you will meet new people, make new friends, and find out whether Greek life is for you.


I am so excited to meet you! Go Bears, Go Greek, Go AXO!!


 Vice President of Recruitment

Sarah Bates

with love,

Sarah Bates

Vice President of Recruitment


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