Financial Information


Chapter Dues

As members of Alpha Chi Omega, we have an obligation to pay certain fees towards our national organization as well towards our house and its maintenance. The breakdown of these financial obligations is outlined below for the Spring 2022 semester. Our intention is to be transparent with Potential New Members, as well as their families, regarding the price of membership, rather than to scare members with overwhelming numbers after joining our sisterhood. Please be aware that we offer scholarships and work to make finances manageable and less daunting for all involved.

Dina Katgara, Chapter President:

Sydney Loura, VP Finance:

Explanation of following jargon:

New Member Dues: These are the dues one would pay ONLY for their first semester of membership with Alpha Chi Omega. After this, they would be paying dues for 'Live-ins' or 'Live-Outs.'

Live-In Dues: These are the dues members pay if they reside in our chapter house. 

Live-Out Dues: These are the dues members pay after they are initiated (no longer new members), but if they still reside in the dormitories or other off-campus housing. 

Spring 2022
New Member Dues

$1,892 (2 installments)

Live-In Dues 

$4,625 (3 installments)

Live-Out Dues
$1,968 (3 installments)