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Our chapter is known for having one of the best sisterhoods around! We are one of the few Greek houses to have an executive position specifically designed for membership only events. We pride ourselves for having a house with such diverse interests and personalities, but yet can be so incredibly close as a whole. Here's a glimpse of some of the many sisterhood events we formally do (in addition to the many moments of sister that happen on a day to day basis).

Chapter Retreat


Each semester we hold a two day, sisters only retreat that allows us time to further bond. It's one of the best weekends of the semester because we get to be silly, be ourselves, and talk to those women in the chapter that we don't always have a chance to catch up with. In the past, our retreats have taken us into San Francisco, to an art studio, into the woods, to a roller rink, and many more places! The event is always accompanied by lots of good food, a cuddle-y group sleepover, and the best company you could imagine.




Every new member will eventually get a Big Sister in the house, and there is nothing like the bond of a Big and Little! A Big becomes not only your best friend, but someone you look up too. New members have a choice in their big sister, and there will are tons of events to help facilitate new members interactions with older members leading up to this time. Then, during Big/Little reveal week, new members get gifts with clues about who their Bigs are. At the end of the week Big Sisters reveal themselves to their Littles, and everyone celebrates their new family.

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Exploring the Bay Area


Chi Connections and Culture Events are are put on by the membership programming team and the intellectual development committee. These events give us a chance to explore some more of the Bay Area. We live in an amazing community full of so many new cultural experiences and attending these optional events is tons of fun! In the past we have gone rock climbing, to farmers markets, visited the zoo, and cheered on our favorite Bay Area sports teams!


In Our Home


Every day is a day full of sisterhood in Alpha Chi's eyes. Our house is constantly bustling with women getting meals, working on homework, signing and playing piano, sunbathing on the roof, and having dance parties in our rooms. But Keep Recruiting Our Members events creates a set aside time to have awesome events in our home! In the past, we have had silly string wars, done yoga in our backyard, and made Gal-entines with our sisters.

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