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Our social events with other Greek houses include everything from game days to themed exchanges to movie nights to open mic nights. We have social events with both fraternities and other sororities, and they are a great way to build relationships with other members of the CalGreek system. All our social events are optional, but there's always something going on, so our sisters can get out when they have the time! Here's a peek at some of the many kinds of social events we hold every semester:

Date Parties and Invites


Every semester we have a two invitationals where our members can invite a date to dance the night away at a private venue in the city! We have a formal date party each semester and one other where everyone dresses to a theme. Some of the most popular themes we have had in the past include “Greece v. Grease,” “Memes and Vines” and “Only 90's Kids Remember” In the spring we celebrate our seniors at our final event of the year, Senior’s LAST (Last Attempt to Stop Time).  Some of our favorite memories together have been planning outfits with our sisters and helping each other get ready before these fun events.

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Our exchanges involve fun themes where we all get ready together, coming up with wacky, creative themed outfits and doing each other's hair and make-up. Half the fun of exchanges is getting ready and pumping each other up by blasting our favorite playlist beforehand. At the actual events, we have the opportunity to meet new fraternity men and/or sorority women or strengthen our relationships with those we already know.

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Game Days


Every fall semester, we show off our school spirit by dressing up in our Cal gear and sharing our Berkeley pride with the Greek and Cal communities. This calls for BBQs, waterslides, and everything in between!

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